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Below are just a handful of the titles we've had the opportunity to produce over the last 35+ years. Full a full list of our show history year by year, and to see show photos from select productions, click here for SHOW HISTORY. 

Oz and Kimberly poster.jpg


What happens when chaos takes over a radio station as the actors try to discover who amongst them is a killer while still performing the radio play.

B & B.jpg


This "tale as old as time" takes us to the provincial French countryside as clever but unpopular Belle sacrifices herself to free her father from the spellbound beast's dungeon.  This is the famous Disney story we all know and love. 

All Shook Up Elvis and guitar logo.jpg


When a roustabout rolls into a sleepy town on his motorcycle, he stirs up the townspeople, helping them remember the importance of love and the power of passion.

Noises Off searching 2.JPG


This well-known play- within-a-play about a theater company keeping a performance going amongst the most outrageous of circumstances is the epitome of farce. 

Usnavi found his island copy 3.jpg


Everyone living in the barrio of Washington Heights, New York has a dream of wanting more or wanting out. Times are hard, especially for bodega owner, Usnavi, who is looking to return home to Puerto Rico. This hip-hop musical shares three days in the lives of these memorable characters as they discover what it means to come home.



This literary classic by Harper Lee shares the story of Atticus Finch, a single father, trying to raise his daughter Scout and son Jem in the ante-bellum south. When Atticus is called upon to defend Tom Robinson, he shows his children what courage looks like and how not to give into the pressure from angry crowds. 

Audience Reactions

"The show was a visual and musical gift to all that were so fortunate to be there... Bravissimo! "

"In the Heights was SPECTACULAR!  I am so proud of these kids of ours!  The talent, from the set design and building, to the music, to the dancing, to the directing, to the vocals, was immeasurable!  The "heights" that you take these kids to is cosmic!"

"The play was fantastic!!!!  Would you tell the team that they did a really great job with everything. I really liked the British accents they were making and the transitions were so good. Also, I can’t but laugh at the character Oogie"

"Thank you again so so much for having us at the show. The kids (and adults) absolutely loved it! Some of them are still humming the tunes around campus. Your shows inspire so many of our kids to get involved and do great things so we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the arts!"

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